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Being 5 inches taller doesn't automatically mean you'll block someone. If ur 5 inches taller but on the other side of the court and don't even attempt to move OF COURSE you won't get a block. It 's about the hustle and anticipation
No, I don't have a problem when centers play defense. In basketball if u get blocked its ur fault for not anticipating it. Look at players like d rose and kyrie who avoid getting their shots blocked even by centers by using ridiculous reverse layups and amazing anticipation. Rose scores on centers all the time watch his highlights
Rj as in richard jefferson? He"s on the cavs not the warriors lmao u dont even know bball how do u GUARD UR OWN TEAMMATE
So lebron should just stand there and let the other team score? In basketball there is this concept called defense kid
Ding was prob born in the year of the GOAT
I agree with u but warriors actually have 3 mvps and not 2: kd in 14, curry in 15 and 16, and javale in 12 and 13(shaqtin a fool). They also have 4 all stars and not 2 cuz draymond and klay still count as reserves
Uchiha Sage
Jul 15, 2017