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Thanks brother.. I don't agree he calls Jesus a loser.. He is one of the great prophets.. I just agree with some of his views regarding nowadays social life.. JazakAllah kheir ya akhi.. May Allah reward your kindness..
lol. I'm really used to this kind of sarcastic language.. I really know some people like you my friend.. What I said in my comments, I said it honestly.. This is me, I'm sorry if it sounds like I pretend to be very nice.. :D..
I didn't expect to get these many comments and I thought there would be stupid reply saying stupid things to my comments, but I'm really happy that there are good people that give support to me and I really wish they will be happy as well.. and you make this as a joke?.. how did your parents raise you my friend? you can leave other comments but i really don't have time to reply to your trash comments..
Thanks brother.. you are right, they are doing me a favour..
If I may say.. I wish God will give people like you and all the people here a happy life..
I really dissapponited with most people to the point that I don't trust anyone else other than God and my mother... I met few people that you can count by fingers that they are genuinely nice.. What is wrong with being honest, humble, and helping others.. most people now when you being honest they will start asking questions like you have no privacy.. when they know that you have a happy life they start being jealous, when they know you have a sad life then they give fake sympathy like you can't read it from their face.. when you being humble, they start step on your face.. When you start giving them something next time they will take something from you.. I don't say that I'm a perfect person.. I know myself.. Lots of things that I need to fix on myself.. but I never do bad things to people.. I never give up doing good things cause I know God sees and He will give me reward in this world or in the hereafter...That's what makes me strong.. It's just frustrating sometimes to deal with those people...
Thanks brother.. It means a lot to me... And yes indeed it is a big mental game of chess...
So this is why eveytime I know people and I start treating them nicely with respect, honest and sometimes sacrificing myself then they start treating me like I'm stupid guy.. It happens over and over again everytime I start to get acquinted with someone.. They are simply motherf**kers...