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Of course, he is a top 20 all time passer. Not a great player because he can't play defence, he is slow and he is sticky but he is definitely an all time great passer
yes he is. He is a legend, a genius. But uneducated n***a like you can't know that because n***a like you doesn't even know where is Serbia, you might not even know how people live outside of the United States. "Blacks Americans" said they are Afro Americans but they don't even know how many countries there are in Africa. You don't know where to place them on the map.
It's fair to say that American n***a like you are a shame for Blacks people in the world because y'all are brainwashed! You're not Afro people anymore but lame ass idiots with no identity.
All you can do is to call yourselves "n***a" like the slaves master did and then applaud stupids whores like Nikky Minaj and stupids drugs addicts like Wiz Khalifa and then say : "its our culture they are our heroes!"
Then when police and people treat you all like stupids noxious delinquents y'all cry and say : "Why can we be treated equal? Why people see we like bad people?"
Do people see Asian people like bad people? Nope! Why? They don't call themselves "Chunk Chonky or Choo Choo" they are not acting like if trash humans being rappers represent themselves!
I'm black, I'm from Africa but don't call me n***a please. I respect myself, my roots and my culture. But you can be a dumb n***a if you want.
I don't care about stats I watch him play. Yes he can be dead ass cold. That's Milos and that's why he was coming off the bench 2 years ago meanwhile Nando was starting
Top 10 all time passer in basketball history. If his defense wasnt that poor and if he wasn't often cold shooting wise he would have been one of the greatest European player of all time. But to be the best passing European player of all time is good enough tho.
That's the American way of thinking : those guy spends 6 months in college and they say : "Oh My God! Look at what this school had produce!" Lol.
I mean everybody knows who will be drafed in the top 10 before the kids choose their College. 😆.
Really? Except Draymond Green and Isaiah there's no all star drafted in the second round.
In 6 months of studying + sports you don't have time to learn much. Pro yound athletes in Europe does 1 thing : training with grown mens and compete.
College does nothing for the kids. They are already good. College Basketball is just a way for the University to make money thanks to the NCAA.
Of course. He is one of the top 10 passer of all time
He injured himself in China so it doesn't make any difference. The truth is if you play with pro teams like Jokic, Porzingis or Saric instead of going to college you'll be better.
The collegian level is so low! they play against future plumbers that's why guy like Kris Dunn or Buddy Hield thought they were good and then they got destroyed in the NBA.
College Basketball is a joke. The only reason why Americans wants to go there instead of becoming pro is because Americans college coaches promise them to get unlimited prostitutes and alcohol and drugs.
Lonzo is a stats pading player who has 0 impact on the game.
Yes he has 8 rebounds and 8 assists. 8 assists for 7 contested shots made by his teammates. Stats stats stats. Lonzo can't shoot so he gets rid off the ball like he can & it makes fortunate assists. His teammates make him better
A legend like TP9 always knew how to close a serie when he was healthy.
The most difficult thing is to close the series. Yes he was good until game 7 as usual but it doesn't matter if you can't close the series.
Do you know that CP3 never lost against a team that reach the NBA finals? Meaning that each time a team beat CP3's team that team lost the next round. It's not like he lost against a champhionhip calibre team! No! The next opponent had always been able to close the team that beat him easily meaning that even if he miraculously he had reach the WCF he would have been swept by the very next opponent.
CP3 scored 13 points in game 7 against the Jazz at home this year...
No one forget since he dropped 27 points in game 6 to close the Memphis Grizzlies series this year. Unlike CP3 who choke again in game 7 this year against the Jazz
Aug 22, 2017
Kawhi doesn't like U.S.A media because they ask dumb questions and always trying to make something out of nothing.
In china the media aren't vicious so he is cool
The Pacers weren't in the Vegas Summer league. He did well in Orlando. You've been caught in the media hype so much that you are criticising a guy who's team wasn't there.
Let's do it like you! Franck Ntilikina is so garbage that nobody talks about him during this summer league!
No he aint. And Kuzma won the game when Lonzo faked an injury to avoid Fox.
Watch the game and stop saying stupid things like the media.
Kuzma is the reason why this summer league Lakers team won.
Will Kuzma be a good player in the NBA? I have no clue. But Lonzo didn't play well.
Triple double doesn't mean nothing when you shot 30% from the field and had more than 7 turnovers.
Easy to average 10 apg when you pass the ball without caring whether or not you'll turn the ball over.
Lonzo is shooting under 40% and that great? He shot 30% his last game. That's not bad that's disgusting. I don't even talk about his turnovers that were given to his teammates meanwhile Lonzo was the one throwing awful passes...
Who cares about triple double except the media? When Oscar average a triple double the term didn't exist yet. No one was aware that it will be a thing like Clyde Frazier said : no one noticed that at that time.
Triple double has no purpose. You can have a triple double and play poorly, you can like steph or Tony Parker never do triple double but play really well and have rings.
Lonzo can average a triple double the Lakers won't make it to the playoffs
wow I never saw even Tim Duncan do that. Incredible! A full court pass! Nobody does that in the NBA! Incredible!
I watched UCLA. The best player on their team was by far TJ Leaf. Lonzo was OK but not great. He just ran a system without pick and roll. The coaches and his teammates were good and that wasn't because of him. Leaf scored easy in the Orlando summer league too. The best player on this laker summer league team is by far Kyle Kuzma.
Yet, Lonzo had 1 good game during this summer league.
His last game was terrible : 6/20 and more than 7 turnovers. But because he had a triple double media said he was good. lol.
Without Kuzma, Lonzo and this team would have lost. Without Lonzo, this team won against the Kings.
But anyway, Lakers will finish on the 14th spot in the West so one year from now nobody will care about Lonzo but about Ben Simmons
I thought only Lonzo Ball could do those passes! I was fooled by the media, in fact every point guard can do what Lonzo does! Woaw! What a revelation! Lonzo's passing game is nothing new or unseen before!
Did you notice how much better the Lakers look without Lonzo on the floor? The ball moved better, everything was more fluid and enjoyable.
It's because Caruso is way better than Lonzo who can't shoot, can't defend and who pass the ball with no purpose. Lonzo is a bust
Lonzo ran from Fox because he was scared. He has no Balls. Call him : LonzNo Balls
Lonzo ran from Fox because he was scared. He has no Balls. Call him : LonzNo Balls
Lonzo is too good! He scored more than 10 points this time! Definitely not a bust!
I'm not bashing Dante he is a great kid. You don't understand life, for you not have the NBA level is being worthless but it's not. They are many really good players well paid in the Chinese league. It's not an insult to him to say that he can ball there. If he makes it in the Chinese league he would still be more successful than me in his life.
He is not an NBA talent, that's it. And yes, some Americans NBA athletes went broke by being dumb, even Antoine Walker admitted that he was dumb
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Oct 4, 2017
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