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It's called the meat paradox. Everyone will admit to being animal lovers and being people who don't want animals to suffer. But then you point out to them that the animals are suffering so that they can eat meat, and suddenly their whole demeanor and mentality changes. Their argument is "Yeah... well... meat tastes good." They're always against animal suffering, until that suffering benefits them in some way.
400 years? The first slaves were brought to America in 1619. Slavery ended in 1865. That's the earliest and latest dates, respectively, that you can use, and that's no where near 400 years.
There's slavery in the United States? How so?
Blacks are treated as second class citizens in the United States? How so?
Cops are killing blacks discriminately? Well, if cops are going to kill people, that's how they SHOULD be killing them; discriminately. Do you advocate indiscriminate killing by the police?
When you find a nation of white people doing that to black people, call me.
Snowflakes? What do you think blacks would do in response to a show called "Dear Black People", that spoke to them condescendingly and told them what they can or can't do and blames them as a collective for things?
The only way to stop racial division is to stop referring to skin color differences as being relevant. Hair color differences among whites is completely ignored and not taken into account when we think of each other as being "us". But if a black person comes along, he's not "us". Why? Because his skin is a different color. That's arbitrary.
Asians don't get involved because no one involves them. White people get bashed constantly about the things Asians are more privileged in, such as income and not getting arrested.
Black people's income is compared to whites, and they complain that whites have slave money.
But Asians make more money than whites. Where is there talk about Asian privilege?
Black people's arrest rate is compared to whites, and they complain that whites aren't arrested as often.
But Asians are arrested less often than whites. Where is there talk about Asian privilege?
So they're not involved in the race bullshit because blacks and liberals are too busy talking shit about whites.
You're jealous.
Science is one thing in the US that we're doing right.
As a physics major, I just found it annoying when I was given problems dealing with pounds or miles.
Like "how many pounds is the supermassive black hole at the center of the Andromeda galaxy?"
Years ago, I remember speed limit signs here started having km/hr as well as miles/hr, but they went away.
Almost every American admits the metric system is a better system... yet we don't adopt it.
Just like almost everyone agrees that daylight savings time does way more harm than good, but we keep doing it.
You're American and say things like "arsed to look it up"?
His face is shown beforehand. He was genuinely taken in by that cult. There was no reason to hesitate.
The music and the cinematography of the entire beginning of the episode was very good. I liked that abnormally long shot of the window with no one in the frame, to build suspense, and then he steps up into the window, without a second thought, and falls through. It was great.
I've wasted enough time on you. You're a troll at this point. I've proven you wrong, and you don't even have the integrity to address the points made. Blocked.
I explained how your question is inherently a relativity question. Do you not agree that if you're in a car with someone traveling down the road, that you're traveling 0 mph with respect to the other passenger of the car? Then, if you agree with that, which I can't imagine how you'd disagree with it, then you must agree that speed is relative to your frame of reference.

I didn't assume relativity was true, I explained why it's true.

I went into detail about the Sun being out in Australia when it's not out in America, and "up" being towards the Sun in Australia, while at the same time, "up" would be a different direction in America... and you ignored it. Why did you ignore it?
The only option is you're trolling.

How fast someone is going is only RELATIVE. Nothing is being redefined. Speed is usually defined as how fast you're going relative to Earth. Relative to Earth, he's going 500 mph. Relative to the platform, or other people on the platform, he's going 0.
I'm in the cult of scientism for acknowledging speed is relative? I just explained a fact. Acknowledging facts make you a cultist?

If you're on the moon, where is up? If you're on Mars, where is up? The same direction as "up" is on Earth? If you're in Australia, where is up? The same "up" as it is in America? How? Australians have daylight while Americans have night. "Up" to them may be to the Sun. So "up" to an American at night would also be to the Sun? How can that be when the Sun is not visible?

Nothing is contradicting my brain, experience, or intuition. My last paragraph is using my brain, experience, and intuition to explain to you that there can't be one definite "up" or "down". It's always relative. There is no preferred reference frame in the Universe. If you're floating in space no where near the Earth, how do you know if you're facing up or down? You can't, because there is no such thing as up or down in space.

I just explained how "upside down" makes no sense. You ignore that explanation, and then ask me again about upside down shit.
Everyone in your life has failed you. You're lost.
I have a degree in physics with a focus on astrophysics. I think I know a little bit about this topic. You can play the game you're playing, which is a strategy that you think exempts you from any obligation to answer questions, but it doesn't. I wasn't born yesterday, so I know exactly what you're doing.
My question was to elicit the response "the north pole", which is what I'm sure you think is "up". The word "north" is only used with respect to the Earth. It doesn't mean "up".
If you want some more education, then just ask. You seem to be in need of a lot of it.
They just reject the existence of anything that proves gravity. It's that simple; they don't believe in satellites.
Yes, they are that stupid.
People will find out the Earth is flat if they do measurements? So Bill Nye is in on the conspiracy? I love how the flat Earth conspiracy has tens of millions of people that are necessarily involved in the cover up.
Gravity can't be measured? Look up the Cavendish experiment.
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