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Nah, that's why you are wrong. You have multiple ways to tackle a lot of different objectives. Only some moments are driven by quick time events and is linear (why is linear always inherently bad though). The maps are basically tiny sandbox environments (not to be confused with open world map). I just don't believe you when you say you have played uncharted.
Uncharted is barely a linear game. Nice try xbot.
This is what it looks like when professionals develop video games. Watch and learn Xbox.
Watch fanboys do autistic screaming in the comments. This looks awesome
"I'm not a violent guy but I would beat a man to death because I don't like him". Let that sentence sink in for a bit.
I honestly thought her career was over, that's what's usually happens with comedians who steals jokes, and who isn't funny by the way. Amy Schumer seems to be the first exception though, I wonder why?
That's actually true, that's why I have been ignoring so much of the criticism towards this game until now.
Since I genuiniely love Mass Effect I've tried to stay positive towards the new trailers and what we've seen from Andromeda even though I have had some doubts. I know that a lot of Mass Effect fans have loved to bash and give ME: Andromeda a really hard time before it's even released (so maybe we shouldn't judge it just yet). But now after seeing this gameplay, my minor doubts have turned into genuine concerns.

This looks like a game directly aimed at a 10-14 year old audience. I had some issues with that from the previous trailers we've seen but I've always rationalized it for being because of bad trailers: that they pick up dialogues out from context. That they were poorly edited and etc.

I have had some thoughts that all this game has is it's technical abilities because that's all they seem to want to market. How "good it looks" and "how many upgrade abilities", "combat styles" and "different armors" and etc.

However this close before launch I got to say that I'm deeply worried that this is the kind of gameplay they want to release. A short sequences that basically confirms all the minor doubts I had over this gaem

I'm glad I didn't pre-order it and now I definitely wont because my doubts have been confirmed. It's like if you're a Ghost Busters fan, then you should definitely not go see the new ghost busters because it will only ruin the old ones. I'll patiently wait for some reviews and reactions from the Mass Effect community to drop in before I spend any money at all on this.

That poster's actually a pretty accurate depiction of what this movie is like. Just watched it.
richard chan... Or cancels the few original exclusives they actually have
A Doom movie without the doom marine is like a Bond movie without James Bond.
I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said: "Democracy is the least worst way we have" (something like that, I was paraphrasing it). But I believe in democracy because nowadays political scientists count rule of law as a criteria for a country to call itself a democracy. A country needs to have a law that goes even above the parliament which will ensure the free press, free speech, freedom of organisations, ensuring that the country cant attack another country without parliamentary approval and etc. Some nations even have the security of minorities as a law. In USA these laws are called the constitution (if i remember it correctly). These laws also decides how elections should be made. Hitler came to power in a pseudo democracy where laws and fail safes didnt stop him. Russia is a modern pseudo democracy today. Im definitely not comparing Hitler with Putin. But theoretically its possible for a guy like Hitler to rise in Russia.
I played God of war 3 on PS3 and loved it. I like the new style they are going with here.
I kind of did, I expressed my feelings about the game through an introspective point of view. But it doesn't matter, we will both be dead in a hundred years anyway.
I had no idea a harmless comment on a youtube video could stir up so much backlash lol. Well that's internet for ya!
As long as Sony owns studios such as Naughty Dog and Santa Monica then I'm pretty much settled for life. I don't need to own a PC nor an Xbox when Sony delivers games like this exclusive to the playstation. Especially now when I'm getting kind of older, I'm not really looking for a "fun entertainment and social" system which Microsoft seems to focus on with the Xbox. I used to have a lot of fun with Gears of war, Halo and etc in my teenage years. But now, as I'm getting mature (for real), I'm only looking for games which will truly make my life richer. LOL It might sound pretentious, but I'm not cool with only having a solid gameplay experience anymore. I absolutely wont judge you if that's your thing, because I might be a bit hypocritical for saying that, I still spend some times on Battlefield and that's only because of the gameplay experience. All I'm saying is that maybe my views on gaming experiences itself have matured a bit, I'm not only looking for having "fun" when buying games nowadays, I want an enriching experience so to speak. Something that touches my emotions a bit as well. I don't know, I will always be a gamer- I'm pretty sure of that! But I know that my preferences have changed quite a bit and Sony seems to be very on point with my gaming preferences in general... That's all.
We did before social democrats did their routine with Sweden.
+Coletrain HetrickĀ I forgive you... Because I am a generous god ;)
+Coletrain HetrickĀ That's exactly what I wrote bruh! Jeeezus... I forgive you if english is your second language though.
But maybe this game isn't for you then. The way I see it, the whole point of this game is to tribute Star Wars. I've deleted this game now and aren't playing it anymore, because as you said: It's not a very fun game itself. But I loved to run around on Endor, and shooting down AT-AT:s when this game first was released. But I refuse to complain that much, I try to treat every new game I play as its own thing and not compare it with other games. I think critics and consumers was a bit too hard on this game. But then at the same time, it did deserve a lot of criticism as well. Every game isn't "all good" or "all bad". (Except maybe from The witcher 3 or The last of us though).
I hope it'll return to the style of season 1.
A lot of hardcore Batman fans likes Hamills version the most. Although I believe it's entirely Nolan and Ledgers fault for making joker into the pop culture phenomena he is today.
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