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Actually, Spider-Man has only been out for less than 4 weeks, and it is already at $633 million worldwide. Foreign numbers do not update until weekends, so this number will cross 700 by the start of next week.
And, the film has not opened in China, which is the second biggest film market in the world which could easily add another 50-100 million. It hasn't opened in Spain and Japan, which could also be another 30-40 million dollars.
Don't act like you know please. Homecoming also has one of the smallest budgets, meaning it already made more of a profit compared to both Amazing Spider-Man films.

The film is doing incredible.

Bro. I didn't even reply to your comment. I didn't take anything seriously? And I don't even know why you're replying to me in the first place, but here i'll go i guess...
1) Humor is kinda subjective. My theater was cracking up all 3 times I saw the movie, so for the most part I think it worked. Penis Parker was obnoxious but that was a small joke in the movie, nothing bad. Zendaya drawing people in despair, I honestly do not know how that irritated you. It was in the film for like what 6 seconds? Michael Keaton adding the gravity gun line actually worked for me. It shows that he isn't willing to take the most extreme step at the first chance he gets. Once again, humor is subjective. Saying you didn't like a joke cannot convince me or the whole theater that laughed that it was a bad joke.
2) That car scene was really the only tension I have ever felt in a Marvel film... To an extent that is. I've felt glimpses of it in the Avengers, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Civil War, Doctor Strange, etc. But nothing was on this level. All those scenes maybe lasted 30 seconds. This house and car scene lasted a few minutes, which was great. And this is a stupid complaint tbh. You're criticizing a film that doesn't have enough tension, yet it gave the most tension in the MCU and it's about freaking Spider-Man. Spider-Man. The hero that is known for being lighthearted and full of levity. You never felt spidey was in danger... Alright. Are you telling me you felt nothing while he was screaming helplessly for help when the rubble was on him? That scene alone > any scene in TASM 1 & 2
3) He was mad because he felt that people in a higher class, like stark, succeed in life by doing questionable things. He was pissed that Stark got a taste of the good life by causing chaos and then getting even more money for cleaning up his own messes. Vulture also wanted a shot at that good life to protect and support his family, so he goes under the radar and does exactly what Stark did, sell weapons. Him killing that guy, whether you like it or not, was on accident. He only said he would kill peter if he interfered with his family or business again. It turns out he STILL didn't kill him and just dropped him in the sand and tried to get away with the crates of tech. This shows he never wanted to actually kill people. His main motivation was his family, and that already is 100% better than every ASM villain or MCU villain.
4) Peter had the choice to stay at the Homecoming dance and continue being friends with Liz. It was Peter's choice to stop Vulture at the end of the film that caused Liz to leave his life. It only adds stakes to the fighting. He knows what he is doing will end things with his girl, but he needs to do it for the greater good. At least the girl fit in to the plot in a unique way, other than generic love interests in other superhero films.
5) I guess, you're somewhat right about this one—to a degree. The cinematography was fine. It some cool shots with the city and ferry scene, but not much. The score was good. Spidey had a great theme, and it was played a lot so I can remember, but other than that background music was kinda forgettable. Action was lacking but that makes sense, it's a grounded film and he's in high school. I didn't want or need to see buildings collapsing and shit like that. Iron Man saving the day wasn't a tension killer, in fact, that's what caused the tension to start. The argument between Tony and Peter after the ferry scene was great.
1) I said "one of the best"
2) Logan and Spider-Man Homecoming actually both have an average rating of 7.7/10 on RT.
Hahaha. You think i'm a fanboy. Because I like this movie.
Are you going to mention how I basically hate Age of Ultron? Or didn't praise Guardians Vol. 2? Or... Liked Logan and TDK more than any MCU movie? No, because that wouldn't support your argument.
I recognize flaws in films, and just because i'm a marvel fan does not mean i'll be more lenient when grading them.
The "Don't go out and do this stuff" was never his arc. His arc is that he wanted to do something greater in the world than what he was given, and wanted to take a huge jump to success without the training. He is so bent on this idea that he ignores all of Tony's warnings and then at the end of the film he realizes that he truly wasn't ready to be where he thought he wanted to be emotionally. That's an arc. Him not listening to Tony isn't an arc... Tony was mad at him for hacking into the suit and using its full capabilities without his permission and training. And he got in trouble for that. Now why in hell would Tony care or not if Peter used his homemade suit? He doesn't. That's why he congratulates him at the end by an invitation on the avengers, because he proved his bravery and courage.

Brings nothing new to the genre? Please name a superhero film with an accurate portrayal of a teenager in a high school setting that basically sucks at being a superhero. Not really much. And don't even mention the other spidey films. Not a chance

Most of the things you typed were shallow and subjective, not an actual flaw with the film.
The only thing I would really agree with are the action scenes, but again this film was supposed to be grounded and not have incredible action scenes.
lmfao. Do you seriously think a couple likes on a youtube comment is an accurate representation of what the world thinks of the movie? No way in hell. In fact, this is one of the highest rated superhero films of all time.
Oh stfu. I'm so certain that you hated a movie so much that was critically praised and loved by audiences. Bet you can't even list 5 reasons why it is
At least say it about a bad movie, come on
+Matthew Luevanos
I think you just contradicted yourself. You think marvel started heading down the wrong path because the films "do not hold substaintial weight or stakes", and "only care about CGI action and money"... But that is literally what Ant-Man was. Ant-Man is definitely the weakest film out of Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians vol. 2 (debatable), and Spider-Man: Homecoming. And tbh you're wrong because if thats all marvel cared about maybe homecoming would have not used the highschool in HALF THE FREAKING MOVIE.
+Bobby Knight
The worst thing about your logic is that just because you thought the film was mediocre the critics and audiences who praised the movie are automatically wrong. Like that is not how it works. Moonlight for example was probably my least favorite of the Oscar nominated films for Best Picture, yet it still won. Are they all stupid for picking a movie *I* did not like that much? No. I can see why they picked it, I just did not enjoy it that much. I think thats how it is with Marvel movies with you.
I was expecting myself to hate Spider-Man yet after I saw the movie I was amazed, and it became one of my favorite superhero films of all time. Give them a chance and don't hate them just because of the brand name
+Alex The Kaiser
Tony said in civil war that him and pepper took a break. What if they happened to get back together... Didn't ruin anything
Wait I just read this comment chain again... Are people f**king mental. Homecoming is not trash. Like, just saying that makes you look mental. Even the lowest review I have seen from a major critic was only 5/10, which is not on the level of trash, a 5/10 is mixed. Now dont even tell me that your spider-man fan ass hated it more than any critic. Homecoming literally does not have anything major wrong with it, In fact its the only MCU movie that I would say is close to flawless. God these comments are why people hate fanboys. People legit have Deadpool profile pictures and hating on Homecoming, LMAO. If any movie was generic it was Deadpool.
What I meant was, it is tied for the number one highest score. Which is no f**king thing to call me a fanboy over bitch.
Also, it's not going to drop much because there are already almost 200 reviews, and usually when it's this high at a high amount of reviews it stays steady. Don't act like I don't know what i'm talking about.
Also, the tomato meter is not even what is important, look at the average rating, and its on par with Logan. Is someone a little mad about that?
I respect your opinion. I've never thought i would give a MCU movie a 10/10. I'm not like a disney fanboy or anything. I love Winter Soldier but that's like an 8/10 imo (which most regard as the best MCU film). I never would have thought i would love Spider-Man this much. Logan is near a masterpiece as well, but i had some small problems with the last act.
1. Spider-Man: Homecoming 10/10
2. Logan 9/10
3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 8/10
4. Wonder Woman 8/10
This has been a great year for comic book movies. Before you call me a MCU Disney fanboy, I've actually never given a MCU movie a 10/10 until Homecoming. I just love it so much.
You have not even seen the movie, you do not even know the amount of risks it takes.
1) They change up many of Spider-Man's most famous characters which got them a lot of backlash but ended up working in the film
2) Peter in the end of the film is asked to join the avengers by Tony stark and is even given a cool ass suit, but he ultimately rejects it and goes on home to Queens. If it was a studio that only cared about money, they would shove his ass on the Avengers as fast as the studio could, but look, they did not because they cared more about the story.
3) Instead of a huge ass third act battle with destruction everywhere like most Marvel films, in this film Peter smartly loses his suit before that and action-wise, the third act final battle is not even impressive. But that is not even the point. There is story to be found beyond an action sequence. And there are still people complaining! They try something new and bam, people still complain.
4) They barely used Tony in this movie at all. Like, he was only in his suit for about 25 seconds in the movie. If Marvel only cared about money and playing it safe, they would have Tony show up in every scene even when the story does not call for him... Just for money. That has happened before, in movies like Age of Ultron. But not here, this is different.
I have more, but you're probably already irritated. Just because Marvel's name is on it, does not mean it automatically plays it safe.
You can literally say that about any f**king movie. Yet Spider-Man has a 94% on RT and is being praised.
Baby driver was my favorite film of the summer, and I loved it more than all of the MCU movies. Until I saw Homecoming. Dang I just loved it so much
LMAO at this comment chain. Chris may have given it a B, but it still has the highest RT score ever for a superhero film (94%). Even the average score, a 7.7/10, is on par with Logan. So no, people love it, and it did live up to the hype and went even beyond that.
It's not 100%, I seriously believe Homecoming was better and I liked Baby Driver more than every single MCU film. Until Homecoming.
+Madhavik Dogra
A 7.5 may not seem like a high score but for a big blockbuster, anything in the 7 range is a great score. You would be surprised how many movies you may like that get an average of 5/10.
+Alex The Kaiser
Really? The narration scene was the only glimpse of Edgar Wright I could find in the movie.
People in this comment section need to chill. Guardians Vol. 2 did not suck. Even on professional review sites the lowest it gets are a 2/5, which is not on that level. Don't even tell me you're more a snob than critics.
color grading is actually a huge part of a movie.
Look at age of ultron for example. All the colors are grainy and muddy and everything looks depressed. Compare it to Mad Max: Fury Road and there is a huge difference there.
You do realize barely anybody agrees with your opinion. So by an industry, business and critical perspective, you are wrong.
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