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I understand all that, and I said that I'm glad for you. ?
And whose opinions were necessary, again?
I'm glad you like her. I don't.
Who cares? She is the worst character.
That was the most personality I've seen thus far from fournette. Seems like a cool guy lol
d0hv A ok. I'm going to ignore your juvenile remark about my intelligence, and instead ask you who else is better? Who else has been as dominant in as short of an amount of time as JJ has?
i just misspoke is all. I meant the first round. 11 is pretty close to 16, which would be halfway through the first round. That's all man, no need to work yourself up, lol.
All this does is show how inept scouts and pundits are at evaluating draft prospects. J.J. Watt is the best defensive player ever, and he didn't go until halfway through the first round almost.
I haven't played Destiny since its initial launch, but these trailers with this Cayde-6 dude are really making me wish I had.
Erikson58 #Broncos4life Mccaffery plays nothing like him and he's way bigger. Your only saying that because they're both white. He's more like a Reggie Bush than a Woodhead.