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yes i'd also like to see your ideas for the problem vdog 55 presented. Also if you value your time more than money you need to spend on a petrol it suddenly is worth the cost to my wallet. Health? I have filters in my car so while driving it throughtout the city i proabably breath in less polution than you riding a bike. So no, not really, health is not an argument, because air in my car is probably cleaner than on the streat.

Environment? That's why why are (slowly) switchig to electric/hybrid cars.

" Perhaps not as quickly but aren't we all complaining about how busy our lives are anyway?" yeah so wasting more time on "not as quick" means of transport will help me? No thanks.

John smith - There is so much wrong with your comment

 again you want me to waste my time on few smaller shoppings. Not efficient. For bigger shopping take taxi/uber? And what's the point. I might as well drive there myself.

Change buses. That's freaking why it's faster to go by car to a few different places in a city. So i don't have to waste time on waiting for a next bus, or walkingfrom one bus stop to the next one. Also it's easier to predict how long will it take to travel by car.
With buses you have to take into account that the bus might be late, or you might miss a bus while you are trying to switch. I've been traveling by bus for the most of my life and car is much, much better.
The only time now that i choose to travel with public transport is when i have to go the city center on a peak hours.

air conditioned buses/metro- yeah especially in a peak hours. Overpopulated and that awesome smell of people after all day of work. No thanks.

No raincoat or stopping under shade until rain stops is not a solution. Again- why waste time while it's raining in a place where you not really want to be? Again not good.

And raincoat won't really make my traveling from point A to point B any more enjoyable when it's raining or snowing.

People invented cars because they are much more comfortable and efficient that bikes or horses. Laziness or wanting to live more comfortable is only natural and it's the reason why you are living in a warm house and not in a cave with a campfire.

Lol Kathy Wong no, just admit you are douche bag. Insulting me without any reason. I am working out much more than on average people do. And i like my muscles, thank you. I just value my time and comfort more than money.

Wei Chen, but that is not true. Subway is good when you want to access city centre, or travel fast from point A to point B, but when you have to visit different parts of a city and take into account walking time + weather conditions (you can't shower everywhere and you have to look good) car is no brainer for me.

I don't know how subway is more efficient and comfortable when you have to make big shopping, or travel to a different parts in a city in a single day.
Good luck riding a bike or using public transportation when you need to:
-make big shopping
- travel to a few different parts of a city in a single day
- generally transport something
- travel when it's really hot, travel when it's really cold
- another problem with bikes- gl riding them when it's raining or snowing.
- multiple other problems

There is a reason why when people can afford it they prefer cars rather than public transportation or bikes

Well that comment got higher than expected. In the end of the day it's Linus money and he can do whatever he wants with it. However as a viewer i feel it might be at the expense of the quality of content not in terms of visuals but in terms of topics. Like smallest sli setup which were 2 pendrives. Like are you serious?
Yeah dodging taxes is problably true reason they bought it. Didn't really want to write than argument on an "open forum"
You are right with 2 thing in your comment.
1. I have no idea how video productions works. However i know enough about youtube to know that even $30,000 camera would be an overkill.
2. You are also right about " Making expensive purchases of the same type of kit every year will hurt your company" Hovewer you missed the part where i said "stuff might no longer be sufficient" If as you say barely anything changes in 5 years on camera market that's another reason not to buy RED camera for youtube videos now.

I actually do know how to run a company, so you were wrong here.

I also think you missed the part of the video where they said that it broke so many times, they had so many problems with it that instead they will just write it down. So there goes your better longevity.
More features? This is i think the third time they are compalining that they have to use RED SSD instead SSD of their choice. Ability to use your own ssd seems like a good feature to me.
I also doubt they offer better support than than other companies. After some price point the support is mostly the same (very good)

We all already established that RED is overkill and i will write it again even camera for $30,000 would be also an overkill.
I will also write again that as a viewer i would rather have slightly worse quality which I and 97% of viewers won't notice (don't quoute me on the numbers) and no clickbait titles and no cancerous thumbnails instead. Something which is very noticable and irritating.

EDIT: corrected some mistakes
EDIT2: I was answering to Elusivity

This video has convinced me that you really don't need that ultra expensive RED camera.
1. Brandon hobby is not an argument for buying one for a company. Company equipment is for company related work. (or at least it's safer that way)
2. Turns out that shit is breaking all the time. For $140,000? That's a refund
3. Most of viewers probably watch it in 1080p on average, consumer grade, 5 year old or older displays, so they wouldn't see a difference between shot from a $30,000 camera and $140,000 camera.
4. Did i mentioned that it breaks all the time and for that price it shouldn't? That's a refund.
5. Corridor Digital is filming actions scenes in open field, you are filming most of the time static scenes in a building. Not really an argument for buying one for Linus media group.
6. Seriously buy something for $30,000 and after 5 years when that stuff might no longer be sufficient buy new $30,000 or $40,000 camera. Still $70,000 ahead.
7. This is really first world problem

8. All in all even after all this bitching from me i appreciate that you guys want to deliver best quality shots possible. Hovewer i'd prefer if you were filmming with slightly worse quality from $30k worth camera and for saved $110,000 got rid of cancerous thumbnails. How about that?

@VeryUnfriendlySpoon you are truly very unfriendly spoon, not only are you an asshole (and because of that part of not that small group of viewers) but you also choose to live with outdated 16: 16:10 standard :D
As far as i remember Linus in the las "honest answers" video said that the thumbnails won't change, even with all the complains and titles might be clickbaity because it's really profitable for them, but sure as hell won't be misleading. I accept that. This title however is misleading.

@Puremindgames well you can't really trus LTT thumbnails.

Didn't you promise us that the video titles won't be misleading? That one sure was.

I have an idea for the next video.
1. Name your pendrive "Coca Cola"
2. Install crysis on it
3. Upload video with a title "Can Coca Cola run Crysis"
4. Profit

Edit:grammar mistake

From my experience it's not so uncommon. Most of my friends have 1000$ laptops but instead of macbooks air or something like surface laptop they bought gaming laptops. My laptop is not for gaming and i still paid 800$ for it. This is a device which will last you years and will help you work or studny. If possible you don't want your main tool/ device for entertainment to be the cheapest you can find.
This is an old comment but i have to reply here. I use linux on my laptop (for work/ studies) and windows on PC (for fun). While i agree with most of the things you said there are some things which i have to absolutely disagree.

Windows like OSX is much more automated than even the easiest distros like Ubuntu. They are more compatible with apps and devices and because of that require much less time invested in them than linux. If you value your time more than the money or when you are just lazy/ not tech savvy windows and OSX are better.

Also i don't know how many years i've been hearing "it's a year of linux" "this year serious gaming will finally appear on linux". Man it does never change. Gaming in linux is really, really bad both from software and hardware sides. You know how much problem i had with the drivers on my laptop with radeon graphics card? A lot. That;s why i have windows on my gaming PC even though i hate that sometims MS is forcing some updates on me with no way of postponing it.
If you like gaming, you keep a windows machine for it, which also becomes your main entertainment machine. I tried dual-booting but man it was just too big pain in the ass to reboot every time i wanted to play games, so i just got rid of linux on my gaming machine.

I also think this logo looks bad. I don't know it might be because the edges of the logo are sharp and the edges of the laptop are round that it looks stupid to me. Something is definatelly wrong.

Also Microsoft managed to do something i haven't thought is possible.
I'd recommend MacBook Air instead of this. Because it's cheaper or the same price, has 2x usb 3.0 and thubderbolt and even i have to admit that MacOS is good. It is also made from better materials. Has more RAM in the cheapest version.
Additionally their Iwork is free instead of MS where you have to buy subscription after first 12 months. I don't know about you but this subscription based model really moved me away from their products.

I normally don't recommend Apple, because i think for the same price you can get something better. Hovewer i know that the target consumers of this surface laptop are people buying Macbook Air. It's amazing how MS failed to do it in most of important aspects.

Wow that surface for students looks really shitty with all the restrictions.
Maybe because you are still on Windows XP? xD
Wait what? xiromisho?
I wanted to finally upgrade my PC, but from what you are telling me it's not worth it. In OW I have stable 60 fps on high settings (or 120 fps low settings) on my core i5 3350p, geforce 660ti and 16gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram. My gaming PC is now 5 years old and was cheaper to build than your updated high end machine. I'd have to pretty much get rid of everything if i wanted PC like yours and i'd only get some better shadows on ultra settings with 60 fps?
We don't get any reward when we die. Dying is not something that gives normal people pleasure, rather causes pain. Generally people try to avoid things and situations that are painfull and/or is harming us (which dying definatelly is). Also like with every animal in this world we have instinct which developed throughout the evolution and it prevents us from doing stupid things like dying. The individuals without that kind of instinct couldn't breed and gave their genes further, because they were most likely dead, before they had got the chance to do it.
Sep 28, 2016
I can't agree with her. These small communities might be good when all the people living there have similar wealthiness. The reason wealthier people have better fence, alarms, anty- burglary windows, cameras etc. is mostly beacause they need that kind of security and protection from people whose greed is stronger than good will.

Also most murders, blacmails and kindapping usually is made by friends or family of the victim. And yes money is usually the reason. So no, i don't want to have open house for some kind of community. I don't know what will happend to the families around me. Will they be in-debt in the next 10 years? Will I win a lottery? Will my company prosper really well creating the gap in terms of wealthiness around me? I don't know the answers, so why risk with communities? On my own property I have at least some kind of damage control.

Haaaaaa, finally after all this years it is my turn to say: FIRST!!!!!!!!!!
Now i can die happily.