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bro it’s literally a rectangle
liquid water, is always wet, I can guarantee you that
All you people saying it's like PUBG

The developers literally said they loved and were inspired by battle royale games like PUBG and h1z1

Water is also wet

apple didn't invent pro or air
most people probably won't raid, and for those that choose to raid will raid
I don't know what he said, but MacBook pros are good for programming and computer science and for some video editors, besides Mac OS X, it'd be linux for programming and or computer science

Not everyone needs a gaming machine and people buy Macs and believe it or not, macs are good computers. But me speaking personally, I don't like Mac OS X but the hardware build is amazing v

battlefield isn't a hard game, it's easy

I'm not bad at battlefield

My KD is 1.53, my score per minute is 1064
My win percent is 55.4%

My game score is 8,325,590

A hard game is like siege, no regenerating health and no aim assist in console

Aug 23, 2017
Rick Sanchez that's a stretch, don't lie to yourself
I see plenty of people using them all the time at airports
you can be skinny and have a heart attack, you can be fat and not have a heart attack, being fat doesn't help though
I'm talking in general
IMO If you want a tablet for work get a surface pro.
If you want a tablet for media consumption and some basic work get an iPad.
Android tablets are not bad but they're for the most part large android phones with many apps not supporting tablet form
most people only use computer for email and some word processing, which you can Do on Android with native mouse and keyboard support, people who need computers like engineers or computer programmers will use a computer
+Ahmed Agario Pro you're ignorant. This "issue" doesn't restrict or change the function of the phone, it's an Annoyance and a not pick, lots of people are complaining about iPhone 6 battery right now and how it keeps dying, is that why "I like apple"
"looks like the type" yeah.... that's not how the law system works. There's a reason why there are professionals make the laws not people on YouTube comment section, why it's innocent until proven guilty in America, to protect people's freedoms and rights
Ahmed Agario Pro you do know that Samsung makes the screen for iPad and iPhones? I'm not a Samsung owner, I'm typing this on an iPad, apple is not the best company in the world and the phones are ridiculously under speced when compared to androids
if you want a tablet for work and power, windows wins. if you want a tablet to watch video, play some mobile games and do basic work like email, web, PDF, word processing iPad
you need throat Punch regard less
i love my hp spectre x2 (normal price $800 got it for $600 and it comes with keyboard) but companies are focusing too much on slimness and low power consumption but i miss the ability to upgrade and "normal" usb ports and more ports, at this rate laptops will pretty much be mobile desktops
I got the Hp spectre x2 core m3 128gb ssd 4gb ram for $600 at best buy, the core m and 4gb ram seems to be really popular nowadays