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It is my understanding the positive affects of collagen on joints and skin can not really be replicated by plants. It has been a very difficult subject to research because the internet is a free-for-all. This is why I would love to hear Dr. Greger's thoughts on this.
I agree that every meal should not be blended but one really healthy blended drink per day is not bad. As long as the rest of your diet is full of healthy choices. What I really want some info about is collagen. I definitely struggle with the ethics of eating an animal product but I want to know the heath risks vs benefits.
Without eating meat there really isn't a way to "chew" collagen though. Also, I have to disagree about the blender comment. Every day we drink super-food smoothies made from actual food. It's a great way to get those essentials into your diet.
We are almost fully vegan but are wondering if there are cancer or other risks with collagen powder?