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the fact that these losers admit they watch anime makes me laugh... get a life and stop watching cartoon for f**k sakes and I'm the one to blame for enjoying a movie... Haha all these kids make me laugh
bitch I ain't going no where. You came to me, you leave. Also "if I were u I rather shut the f**k up"? You make no f**king sense.
insecure over a f**king anime.... yeah I'm sure that means so much in my life kiddo 😂
to be completely honest with you I still would enjoy this movie better because I'm not an over sensitive person, even when I know a movie is bad I try to enjoy the aspect as entertainment. Also cartoons aren't my thing so I would most likely hate the anime more, because it's a f**king cartoon. It may have a good story line but really, a 23 year old like me wouldn't want to admit to anyone I watch "anime"
I don't care
I enjoyed this movie as a movie goer. All these cartoon losers hate on anything that's not Japanese enough
raptor rodger
Sep 1, 2017