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@travis how do people like you become so obsessed over other people lives. Stfu and go do something productive dh 🚮
first of dh I was high so correct terms wasn't gonna happen. You try again hun ❤️
So I'm watching this show right now and I'm high. I mean high asf but here me out. This show definitely know its audience and here's how. I watched maybe the first and second episode completely sober no drugs at all. I was laughing at MOSTLY all the corny jokes. Then there was a scene when the security guard had a breakdown and we learn he has ptsd. I walked to the store and came back and started smoking during the third episode and I started noticing some underline messages
about (some I noticed):
People with ptsd
How to talk to them and offer them to get professional help for PTSD.
Living your own life despite what your parents' wishes.
Prostitution and pimps
The government
The way the police investigates
Black lives being targeted
And more because I got more episodes to watch but this show is basically saying to the potheads "get your shit together. Don't just sit around with ya 3rd eye open. Real shit is happening in the world. Get up get a job. Fix and change the world." This show is like one of the corny shows that you just HAVE to watch high kind of like sausage party but that was all jokes. This show here is bigger than that. This will fly over some people heads but some will get it. Or maybe I'm just off my shits and I'm high asf 🤷🏻‍♀️