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Being born in a higher caste, doesnt mean iam one. Even if you are born in a higher caste, you have to maintain the religious code, for example you cannot earn a living, wage wars, etc., and you have to beg others for food, donations and lead a religious life. if not, you're not considered to be a higher caste. This is unlike other religions for example islam, where sunnis think they are better than every body else like shias, sufi's,etc., without following any moral code. The indian society gives the people a higher caste mostly because at some point in time people thought they had deserved it.
Well atleast i dont play games all day
Not at all. Caste is also not what mainstream thinks. Also just FYI the top most caste is the poorest which doesnt make sense.
Most brahmins dont eat spicy curries. Most of the spices are prohibited and also some common veggies such as tomato, onions, etc., as they are not part of the sattvik meal (google search for more info) that most of us consume. Most of the curries emerge from northern part of india (mainly punjab) and their cuisine is widely different from mildly spiced meals the southerners consume.
I am from india, born within a higher caste called brahmins. In our tradition, the biggest gurus (pontiffs) only have one meal a day at around 2 PM. The rest of the day they only have water or if they really hungry at night they may have some milk and thats it. Nothing else. No snacks. I think they were upto something.