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LOL well sounds like this hit a sensitive spot! Let me guess, you're ex-girlfriend dumped you because you were smoking pot
exactly! Marijuana and drugs can become a crutch. It's better to just learn how to become spiritual and present through sober practices
thank you for sharing the! Yeah I thought I was alone in my marijuana addiction struggle and after I created the Facebook group it started growing like crazy and I couldn't believe the horror stories from those who have had their lives wrecked because of their marijuana addiction
I'd say it's both. Some people are more prone to addiction. I experimented with drugs and drank a lot of alcohol in my life, but I never got hooked on anything the way I did with marijuana. My intention is not to point my finger at marijuana as the bad guy, it's an amazing plant with many benefits. I think even the getting high aspect of marijuana serves its purpose for spiritual retreats; however, if you start using it every day then YES it's habit forming. Everyone is different, some people have no problem with it. But a percentage of people get hooked and find that when they try to quit they go through some serious withdrawals....night sweats, loss of appetite, nausea, emotional ups & downs, etc...and because these withdrawals are so severe they just choose to continue smoking. Again, I think marijuana is an amazing plant, but it needs to be treated with respect.
Exactly...I always make that challenge to my friends, "okay then just go one week without it" and then they give me all kinds of excuses like "why I know I can do it" lol. And yeah alcohol is horrible! Marijuana should definitely be legal I agree with that.
No matter what evidence I share you will find a way to support your own biased belief that marijuana is not addictive. This type of conversation is exactly like when you have a conversation with a meat-eater about veganism who refuses to accept that killing animals is cruel. I smoked for 15 years and used to love to debate people about this topic so I understand where you are coming from. It's all good. I have nothing to prove to any of you, so go back to getting high and when you're ready look our group up on Facebook and we'll welcome you in with love and support.
Well your opinion is wrong. Feel free to join our Facebook group and read through the heart felt posts of folks who are addicted and trying to quit, and also going through challenging withdrawals while trying to quit.
I truly wish I could use it in moderation, but I just have no self control when it comes to pot! I just end up smoking all the time, unfortunately a lot of other people find that happens to then too
I really shouldn't be responding to this given your level of confirmation bias, but here it goes:
#1 I'm not saying you can't be productive as a stoner. I smoked for years and accomplished many achievements while high, but nothing compares to performance when in a natural sober peak state.
#2 Perhaps those individuals could have reached greater heights and produced even better content if they were sober.
#3 if you find smoking weed brings out the best in you, then do it! But for many people they find that it becomes a bad habit and holds them back from greater heights.
As creator of the largest marijuana addiction support group on Facebook I can absolutely attest that marijuana is addictive. I'm not a marijuana hater, I feel it is a much better alternative than alcohol, and you can still live a long active life smoking weed daily, but marijuana does have a dark side; the real cost of being a daily marijuana user is that of never living up to your highest potential. If that doesn't bother you then hey toke up! But for those that would like support quitting weed then look up our group on Facebook: Quit Marijuana
I love fruit! Just also enjoy a little pasta once and a while
The Chickpeas brand that I love is called Banza. You can get it on Amazon as well :)
I was all into zoodles when I was on the paleo diet. But now that I'm vegan, I'm like "BRING ON THE CARBS AND CALORIES" :-) #CarbStrong Now I eat lentil pasta and chickpea pasta...yummm!