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I remember when Heat fans was in love with Ball back when y'all was 11-30 lmao
I bet if Tatum or Jackson would've averaged 20+ ppg and had Summer League Championship Game MVP y'all will be dickriding give Kuz some credit
Jul 17, 2017
Y'all need to stop with that Randle and Kuzma talk they can play together small ball is the wave now imagine him, Ingram and Randle on the floor together
Going to be our Lamor Odom I see this kid winning a couple 6 man of the year awards.
You must didn't watch the game, just checked the box score
You must don't know that Kuzma is 21 been in College 3 years, Randle went to Kentucky a 1 and done school, Randle is 22 and is in a contract year he's balling tf out
Kuzma is good but, don't disrespect Randle like that, lmao y'all Laker fans will regret wishing Randle to leave and he goes to the Nets with D-Lo and them boys turn into Superstars...
Same thing happened against the Clippers and Celtics Lakers could easy be 7-0 right now if Ball played every minute
And Smith isn't the most underrated player from this Draft anymore, he's been getting hype up this entire Summer League.
Most underrated player in the draft, won a National Championship, played under one of the Greatest Coaches of all-time he's going to average 16 ppg in his career
He's been hated by most of Lakernation the first 3 games even in this one but, he came in the Clutch I believe in you Zu f**k these fake Laker fans. #MarcGasol2.0
Lonzo didn't fake a injury during the game vs Clippers reports came out he was injuried during practice, Lonzo only played against the Celtics to make up for that 2-15 game if Lonzo didn't have a bad debut game he would've sat out against the Celtics and played the Kings today instead lol hating ass they wanted Lonzo to redeem himself.
Lmao the Lakers was on the Celtics ass Jaylen Brown and Tatum got that ass locked up in the 1st quarter before that weak bench with them 2 white dudes came in and Tatum started balling lol be real
Warriors vs Cavs rivalry was exciting back in 2015 and 2016 but, when Kevin Durant went to GS that Cavs vs Warriors rivalry became boring, hell I wanted too see a Warriors vs OKC rivalry too. Man KD lol
Don't disrespect Randle like that this basically his 2nd season and this a contract year boy going to ball tf out.
Most of his threes went in & out missed some easy layups dude could've easy went for 40, I like the way he didn't shy away from shooting the ball.
As a Laker fan, don't sleep on Ed Davis dude got skills he can rebound, catch the lob, and block it feels like the Blazers don't give him a chance to shine
f**k this Warriors vs Cavs every year, can't wait for the Celtics vs Lakers rivalry to heat up again in the Finals.
I hate when some of my fellow Laker fans diss Randle like that.
Collins got some competition at that PF spot.
All that Markelle, Lonzo and Fox hype this the most underrated overlooked player in this Draft future All-star... Damn Knicks lol
Kendall Marshall not bad he just haven't gotten the opportunity n***as forget MDA had him looking like a Elite PG 4 years ago lmao
Brook is a 1 year rental, his 20 million will be off the books next year. Magic swear he's signing PG and LeBron lmao not happening could've move D-Lo to the 2 and develop the young guys smh
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